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Off road driver training, 4×4 reviews and information

Whether you’re looking for off road driver training, quad bike courses, 4×4 instructor courses, we can help. Trying to find a 4×4 driving day? See the links on the right for your area. Or if you’re trying to find off road tyres or 4×4 insurance, you’ll find them here!

We’ve got listings for off road sites, training providers (such as our colleagues at Beyond Driving and their sister site Beyond 4×4) and venues for 4×4 driving across the UK. Recreational and professional off road driver training is an excellent way of getting to know how to drive your 4×4 safely and effectively in the most extreme of conditions. Adverse weather, rough terrain and modern traffic conditions can all be catered for by the professional 4×4 instructors listed.

We also have a large 4×4 reviews section, which currently includes Land Rover, Santana and Bowler reviews, but which we are adding more makes to all the time. We don’t pretend that all in the garden is rosy (far from it in many cases) but we’ll happily give credit where credit is due.

We’re always looking to expand the site, so if you have a 4×4 venue, or are an off-road instructor (properly qualified trainers only please), let us know and we will look at adding your details to the relevant page.

There’s loads of information on here and we welcome any sensible comments (after moderation of course – so no spam please) or suggestions.

Happy offroading!

Off Road Driver Training 4x4 Courses